Sunday, October 26, 2008


I don't know if it's the beauty of autumn, the plenitude of harvest time, the countless hours I spent in church during my childhood, or having consumed my first caffeinated coffee in months, but I find myself feeling especially blessed (yes friends...blessed) this Sunday morning. I would be remiss if I allowed the moment to pass without acknowledging the generosity and kindness of the Universe and the bounty I enjoy in my life. And I'm not just referring to the obvious things that we all take for granted daily such as our health, our jobs, our homes, our children and spouses, our country....I'm also thinking of the number of days of sunshine Utah experiences per year, the way the cat keeps my feet warm at night, the way my far away friends turn up in my dreams to remind me of their love and loyalty (thanks Amy, Leann and Keely), the absolute pure indulgence and pleasure of a good massage, the sweetness of my 3yr old's voice when she says "I love you," a good book, the burn that only a Coke can make in your throat, complete silence during a 2am feeding.........I suppose these are all "simple pleasures" and maybe not worth noting or sharing. But I hope that I can pay it forward in some Karmic way, so that they continue to come unbidden and often into my life.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Reflections at four weeks

Life in our household is gradually resuming its usual rhythms. The girls are busy with their activities and school work, I'm in charge of meals and laundry again (it was a nice break though), Ben is finally able to sleep through the 2am feeding, and Milo is beginning to establish his own schedule. He has mastered 2 new sounds this week: ahn-goo and oooohhhhh (see video clip below). He also has started to giggle, but his dad is the only one funny looking enough to make him do it.

Here are the latest pictures. Enjoy!

Mommy in training....

I feel like I should legally change my name to "Milk Truck."

Liv has earned some new badges in Brownies.

Kiki has enrolled in gymnastics again.

Liv has decided that painting requires formal wear.

I'm new at uploading video clips, so forgive the strange angle of Milo's movie.

Kiki is reading her favorite book.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Milo MacAvoy Benjamin Craner

That's right, he finally has a name. And call me crazy, but I am loving the newborn phase. There is nothing more precious than his milky sweet mouth, his eyes just the color of the Mediterranean Sea, his silky soft head that forms a perfect question mark in profile, his quavering little chin when he cries for mama, the way he smiles in complete adoration at his daddy, and his purity. I am in love with this boy.........